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Achieve Academic Excellence…………

  • By providing a congenial learning environment that goes beyond the realms of text books and class rooms, by using different strategies of education making teaching and learning more significant.

Achieve Excellence in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

  • By providing opportunities to polish their social, artistic, cultural and literary skills through team learning.
  • By building sportsmanship and sense of competition through various activities in and outside the school.
  • By creating an awareness of personal well being in every individual.

Develop in each child……….

  • A sense of responsibility and accountability.
  • Qualities like sharing and caring, respect for law, Environment, society and for oneself.

stimulate in each facilitator………..

  • To be world class, highly motivated and a continuous learner.
  • Tobe an inspiring leader, mentor and role model.
  • To have good ethics and be professional in work.


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