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Beyond Academic



Sports is an essential part of the Curriculum. We offer an array of indoor and outdoor activities for physical development. Athletics, Basketball, Throw ball, Chess, Karate, Carom cater to mental and physical development of children. All children are encouraged to participate in a sport activity of their choice….

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Music & Dance


Folk dance music is music accompanying traditional dance and may be contrasted with historical/classical, and popular/commercial dance music…

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Trips and excursion


  Trips and excursions are organized regularly at MLPS. The students are taken not only on field trips but also on educational visits to places such as the Museum, the Planetarium; Regular picnics are organized for the Kindergarten and the Primary sections to various places of interest. Excursions spread over two or three days, are organized for high school children.

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Performing arts


Dramatics is a part of life. Theatre art helps students not only to act but also to write the script, direct the action and produce a play all by themselves under the able guidance of well known theatre personalities…

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Students participate in Inter- house and Inter –School competitions and get exposed to outer world , get updated to meet the needs of future challenges of the world. Our students have also participated in many intellectual competitions and have reached the national level is a huge achievement….

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